On 8/22/2021 10:51 AM, Jeff Scott wrote:
There is no reason to build a plane that is dynamically unstable with 
ridiculously light elevator pressures when it can be so easily addressed with a 
simple addendum to the plans that changes the tail dimensions.


My KR addressed that issue with a 24" fuselage stretch.  Larger tail surfaces would be additional improvement.   An enlarged tail, extra width in the fuselage, and better aerodynamics at the wing / fuselage junction are about the only things I would change in hindsight.  Even with those issues I love my KR.  The other major problem I see that makes KR's hangar queens is not having any "drag devices" to assist in the landing mode.  I would not be comfortable landing my KR every time without a belly board.  It totally transforms the landing characteristics of my KR and makes landing on 2800 foot grass with obstacles a non issue.  With engine at idle and speed brake out I get 1500 fpm decent rate with stable airspeed control.  A touch of power brings that back to 500 fpm on a very stable approach.

Larry Flesner

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