This is a unique opportunity to be around other KR builders and pilots. It
is the very best opportunity to see the airplanes, talk with builders and
have the hands-on opportunity to see how others have solved the issues that
may have popped up in your own building process.
One of the most popular experiences is sharing your builder's log and photo
albums for a show & tell about your airplane or project. And getting
feedback from other doing the same thing!


On 8/30/2021 8:24 PM, donald january wrote:

wasn't it about building ?

Not sure what your question is about.  Seems like all the above is "about building".  I certainly 
learned a lot about building at my first 13 Gatherings that I was able to share at my next 16 Gatherings. I 
certainly hope someone gets something from the W&B forum I'll be presenting and checking out my 
"Centennial Homebuilt" with Q&A.  Start packing people....................

Larry Flesner
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