Hi Mike. 
You gave a brief history of the airplane I am lucky to current caretaker of. 
I'll be at the Lee's Summit Gathering but this year N133RM will stay in Oregon. 
I'll be driving my truck with a trailer pulling Oscar Zuniga's M19 Flying 
Squirrel home to him from Indiana. 
I hope to be able to do a show & tell to anyone interested in see what he calls 
his motivation as a "KR construction trainer." Marvin Bernard designed, built 
and flew the Squirrel as a single seat STOL airplane in the late 90's. It uses 
all the KR construction concepts of wood, foam, fiberglass and VW power. You 
can read all about it on Oscar's web site http://flysquirrel.net 
See you soon! 
John Bouyea 
N133RM/ OR81 
Hillsboro, Oregon 

>>AND a "unique opportunity" to see John's N133RM, originally a plane designed 
>>and built by Roy Marsh, a WWII fighter pilot from Santa Maria, CA
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