On 9/12/2021 4:14 PM, Mark Jones wrote:
Sure would be nice if someone would give us a recap of the Gathering. How many 
KR’s and who took home the awards?
Thanks Mark Jones


KR's in attendance were"

Larry Flesner

Roger Bulla

Roger Baalman

Mike Sylvester

Robert Pesak

Rob Schmitt

Jeff Scott arrived in his "aluminum KR on steroids" (RV6) and gave several introductory flights for current builders.  Several of the KR owners gave rides also.

Several forums including fiber-glassing , weight & Balance, and using an airplane to help support your personal endeavors.

Lots of good food including Saturday evening catered meal preceding the awards program.

Rob can fill in the award winners.

It was voted to include next years Gathering with the Light Sport Expo at Mt.Vernon, Illinois at the invitation of Chris Collins as it was the only invitation offered.

All the "regular attendees" that couldn't make this years Gathering were missed.

Thanks to Rob and the crew for hosting us again this year.

Larry Flesner

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