I had the pleasure of flying with Jeff in the RV6 as a pre-curser to conducting 
my first flight in my KR. Though I have flown an RV6 and an RV10 regularly, I 
have never taxied one nor have I had anyone with KR experience sit beside me 
and demonstrate what to expect. Jeff did both... 
We flew the airplane at minimum control airspeed just north of the stall 
bubble, we then lowered the flaps and simulated minimum control turns as if we 
were landing... we did other speed control maneuvers but that most critical one 
was the overcontrolling of the stick at 150kts or so. That maneuver alone 
brought home the message clearly of precision control on the stick in flight... 
My hat off to Jeff for his contribution to the safety of the KR builders 
community as we prepare to take to the sky in our individual creations.
Luis R Claudio, KR2S N8981S, Dallas, Texas  
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