You can activate the "Move to trash" option (Settings->General) and use it as a 
between "Rename" and "Delete". If you accidentally click it your pron files are 
not lost.)


On 14.10.2016 15:21, Patriot wrote:
>   I was wondering if it could be possible to put 'delete' in between two
>   separator lines, sort of giving it a little bit more space between it and
>   anything else in the left-click menu. Yes, I could simply make delete ask me
>   if I'm sure, but in all the years of using krusader (at the minimum 6 years)
>   I've only 'oops'd' two or three times by clicking 'delete' instead of
>   'rename'. I just hate windows popping up asking me if I'm sure when I know
>   what I want to do but accidentally had the mouse pointer 1/64 of an inch in
>   the wrong part of the menu.
>   Here's a link to a picture of the menu I'm talking about (NSFW)...
>   Thanks.

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