Yes, and another case is, say, after going inside or upside a dir and 
returning back I expect the size to disappear at all.

вторник, 8 августа 2017 г., 20:46:55 UTC+3 пользователь A. Bikadorov 
> On 08.08.2017 13:56, Andrew Gaydenko wrote: 
> > Hi! After some period of (git master) using I have found directory size 
> caching can be 
> > unhandy. Haven't found a setting to turn it off. Have I missed it? Or - 
> can it be done 
> > with direct krusaderrc file editing? 
> > 
> Hi. There is no option yet but I guess I have to add one. You mean seeing 
> the outdates 
> size values is confusing? 
> Cheers 
> Alex 

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