great to hear that kube-aws matures --- we will probably reconsider (we are 
not sure whether we will stick with our homegrown "hack"), but right now we 
just want to go forward quickly (and learn along the way).

FYI: I made our current hacked setup available on 

- Henning

On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 3:06:38 AM UTC+2, Yusuke KUOKA wrote:
> Hi,
> FYI, we have most of what you've mentioned in our roadmap 
> <https://github.com/coreos/coreos-kubernetes/issues/340> and some of them 
> already have working PRs:
>    - Discrete etcd cluster 
>    <https://github.com/coreos/coreos-kubernetes/pull/544> (3+ dedicated 
>    etcd nodes)
>    - HA control plane 
>    <https://github.com/coreos/coreos-kubernetes/pull/596> (multiple EC2 
>    instances and an ELB load balancer, a separate ASG for the 
>    master=controller)
>    - Cluster upgrades 
>    <https://github.com/coreos/coreos-kubernetes/pull/608>

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