AFAIK you can not split a pod between more than one node. 

I know nothing about VMware, but I am guessing they can split VM processes 
across nodes, which is pretty much equivalent to what Kubernetes does with 
pods (VM process == a pod, roughly speaking).

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 8:04:30 PM UTC-7, chez wrote:
> Folks,
> Looks like VMware with vsphere (and vcenter?) is able to allocate 
> resources (vcpu for instance) across hosts for a single VM ? Is this 
> possible with kubernetes for containers ?
> Can kubernetes pool vcpu between multiple hosts/nodes for one container ?
> I am really intrigued by this statement - 
> "You can dynamically change resource allocation policies. For example, at 
> year end, the workload on Accounting increases, and which requires an 
> increase in the Accounting resource pool reserve of 4GHz of power to 6GHz. 
> You can make the change to the resource pool dynamically without shutting 
> down the associated virtual machines."
> Each physical host is 4Ghz, but this doc says it can pull 2Ghz out of the 
> second host. Is it because of ESXi ?
> thanks

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