we also need this feature. And I think it's necessary. For example, our 
node may only support limited count 'vpc port', we will store this capacity 
in node.status.allocatable["vpcPort"]. And In our design, vpc network is 
pod-level instead of container-level, we should not store this vpc request 
in pod.Spec.Containers[].resourcerequest. 

在 2017年5月4日星期四 UTC+8上午1:47:55,Ahmet Alp Balkan写道:
> Hello, I am trying to understand the Resource Limits/Requests for Pods 
> and Containers 
> <https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/configuration/manage-compute-resources-container/>
>  document. 
> In multiple places, the document implies that users can specify 
> ResourceRequirements *at pod-level**. *(I don't mean 
> pod.spec.containers.resources.) Most relevantly the doc says:
> A Pod resource request/limit for a particular resource type* is the sum *of 
>> the resource requests/limits of that type for each Container in the Pod.
> However I can’t find any examples or any fields on the API (kubectl 
> explain pod.spec) to specify resource requirements on the pod level.
> Any ideas if this is possible at all? This particular document is 
> particularly gives the strong impression that this feature exists today. I 
> opened this docs issue 
> <https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes.github.io/issues/3608> to track 
> this.

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