Kubernetes StatefulSets create internal DNS entries with stable network IDs. 
The docs describe this here:

Each Pod in a StatefulSet derives its hostname from the name of the StatefulSet 
and the ordinal of the Pod. The pattern for the constructed hostname is 
$(statefulset name)-$(ordinal). The example above will create three Pods named 
web-0,web-1,web-2. A StatefulSet can use a Headless Service to control the 
domain of its Pods. The domain managed by this Service takes the form: 
$(service name).$(namespace).svc.cluster.local, where “cluster.local” is the 
cluster domain. As each Pod is created, it gets a matching DNS subdomain, 
taking the form: $(podname).$(governing service domain), where the governing 
service is defined by the serviceName field on the StatefulSet.

I am experimenting with headless services, and this works great for 
communication between individual services i.e 
web-0.web.default.svc.cluster.local can connect and communicate with 
web-1.web.default.svc.cluster.local just fine.

Is there any way that I can configure this to work outside of the cluster 
network as well, where "cluster.local" is replaced with something like 

I would like to give another kubernetes cluster, lets call it clusterb.com, 
access to the individual services of the original cluster (clustera.com); I'm 
hoping it would look something like clusterb simply hitting endpoints like 
web-1.web.default.svc.clustera.com and web-0.web.default.svc.clustera.com.

Is this possible? I would like access to the individual services, not a load 
balanced endpoint.

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