I've been playing around with Minikube, and part of that was using the
registry-creds addon to allow access to pull Docker images from AWS ECR.
With Minikube 0.25.2 this was working fine, but is broken using 0.26.0.

I deleted the cluster and set it up again using Minikube 0.26.0.
I have configured the registry-creds addon, and it created the
registry-creds-dpr, registry-creds-ecr, and registry-creds-gcr secrets in the
kube-system namespace.
However, the addon is not creating the awsecr-cred and dpr-secret secrets in the
other name spaces.
I've checked the content of the registry-creds-* secrets and they look valid.

I've ssh'ed to the Minikube VM and looked at the logs for the container called
In the logs are messages like so:

The ReplicationController "registry-creds" is invalid: 
spec.template.metadata.labels: Invalid value: 
"name":"registry-creds", "version":"v1.8"}: `selector` does not match template 

I don't know if it used to do that in the older version of Minikube or not, but
I have a feeling this is cause of the issue.

Jim Barber

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