I am looking for a software to manage a pool of application, using API and 
database system. Let me show You my problem:
I have 3 types of services: A, B and C. Each one requires outside resource, so 
we distinguish each instance. e.g.: I have 6 A-type virtual machines { A1, 
A2,.., A6}, 3 B-type: {B1,B2,B3} and 10 C-type. Each instance has its own 
internal setup, mostly IPs to remote resources. Now I want my managing system 
to solve usecases:
1. One of Jenkinses (I could have few) needs to test something using A-type 
instance. He sends API request and gets details to about random from that type 
and uses it. When he is done, the instance isfreed and returned using API.
2. A software developers needs some manual tests and asks for C-type instance. 
He sends an API request and gets details on one of those instances.
3. Only one "user" (Jenkins or human) can be using given instance at any time.
4. I need to be able to check who/what is using any of the instances at any 
time (can also be API query).
5. There needs to be security logs - when who requested what, what he got in 

I am looking for a system to solve this problem, one of my Colleagues hinted me 
to use Kubernetes - since the "instance" can be containers with uniqe 
configuration it might be possible, but could anyone comment: does Kubernetes 
satisfies all my needs? Or maybe something else?

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