An HTTP get to the endpoint /secrets/ against my Kubernetes 1.10
API server yields:

kind: SecretList
apiVersion: v1
metadata: {resourceVersion: '1143', selfLink: 
- data: ***
    creationTimestamp: '2018-05-17T21:30:58Z'
    labels: {uses-certbot: 'True'}
    name: certificates-29c2fa1
    namespace: default
    resourceVersion: '534'
    selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/default/secrets/certificates-29c2fa1
    uid: 96f5c905-5a19-11e8-b931-005056be54be
  type: Opaque

(It is returned as JSON; I converted it to YAML.)  As you can see,
"kind" and "apiVersion" is missing in the first and only item.  If
you try to feed this into kubectl 1.10, it aborts with a validation
error.  As a workaround, I add those two fields by myself but I
wonder why the API's output is not accepted by kubectl in its
pristine form.

Is this intentional or a bug?


Torsten Bronger

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