I filed Bug #1523194. It deals with something a bit different, namely
being unable to place /home in its own encrypted partition when using

Also, when I filed Bug #1523194, I originally assigned it to ubiquity,
but someone reassigned it to partman-crypto.  Honestly, I'm not
convinced that it was properly reassigned.  (I've forgotten the details,
but if I recall correctly, I ultimately concluded that the ubiquity was
at least partially responsible for the bug.)  But what I was unable to
do with ext4 (place /home in its own encrypted partition) as reported in
Bug #1523194, I am now able to do with my preferred file system, which
is btrfs.  So, because the bug was no longer relevant to me, I gave up
on Bug #1523194.  (Also, a relatively easy workaround is possible for
that bug, namely moving /home to its own encrypted partition after

But yep, based on Bug #1523194 and what has been reported here and
elsewhere, this bug (1510731) seems to be restricted to KDE's
implementation of the installer, as used by Kubuntu, KDE neon, and
Lubuntu Next (Qt-based).

As can be seen, the initial response to the KDE bug report that I filed
included the following:

"Seeing as it is a bug in ubiquity it needs fixing in ubiquity not in

And the KDE bug report had been marked to reflect that the problem was
upstream, not with KDE.

But as I see it, the problem with KDE's conclusion is the KDE installer
must, in some way, differ from the "upstream" installer used by gtk-
based distributions, including Ubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu
Budgie, etc., NONE of which suffer from this bug.  That is, this bug
seems to have been introduced by KDE, either by modifying ubiquity, or
by using ubiquity-frontend-kde.

Either way, I hope the KDE folks will fix this bug.  I've been testing
Kubuntu, and I hope to switch over to it as my primary distribution.
But being unable use the "create physical volume for encryption" option
during installation is a show stopper for me.

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  Can't use crypto in manual disk setup Kubuntu 15.10

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