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Please remove libkolab from Bionic 18.04

Series: bionic
What: source and binaries

reverse-depends src:libkolab
* kdepim-runtime                (for libkolab1)

reverse-depends -b src:libkolab
* kdepim-runtime                (for libkolab-dev)

However, kdepim-runtime 17.12.x in -proposed no longer depends on libkolab as 
it contains and uses it's own internal port of the code.

The libkolab 1.0.2-10ubuntu9 in bionic release built against and depends
on the library versions of KDE PIM 17.08.x which we wish to replace with
17.12.x currently in proposed.

To allow this transition libkolab requires to be rebuilt against each
PIM major version and it's libs, but for 17.12.x it now FTBFS.

It would therefore block migration of KDE PIM 17.12 suite

Circumstances are the same as in this bug from fedora

libkolab has also seen no mainline code changes in its main branches
since 2016, and even experimental code has not been ported to qdatetime
for kdatetime.

These factors are the main reason that KDE PIM developers internalised a
ported version in their own code.

To summarize the current libkolab:

- After KDE PIM 17.12 migrates will have have no rdepends
- Will block said migration as it FTBFS without a current fix
- Is close to being dead upstream


** Affects: libkolab (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Please remove libkolab from bionic 18.04
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