*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 1627340 ***

I think this bug still occurs, at least on Debian testing (buster) with sddm 
I posted an analysis and a workaround on the following github issue, although 
already closed: https://github.com/sddm/sddm/issues/637#issuecomment-453838344

There is an issue in /etc/pam.d/sddm-greeter, that calls pam_mount through 
'@include common-session'.
pam_mount will surely fail, as it is called for the local user sddm, which has 
probably no access right to the given shared volume.

What is not normal, maybe, is that sddm will then catch a SIGTERM and so will 
The same kind of pam_mount failures occurs with /etc/pam.d/login (eg with user 
root), and login can proceed correctly.
Why is this a blocking issue when processed by /etc/pam.d/sddm-greeter?

I could imagine the following solutions:
  - modify the /etc/pam.d/sddm-greeter file, either by:
    - replacing the '@include common-session' statement by the actual 
directives in /etc/pam.d/common-session, EXCEPT the one with pam_mount. This is 
the workaround proposed by another user on github. It works, but I don't find 
it very clean, to be honest.
    - replacing the '@include common-session' statement with a substack, with 
some conditions? I'm not an expert with PAM, I don't know if this is even 
  - do not terminate on a SIGTERM send by pam_mount? Is it feasible, too?
  - apply the workaround I propose: use the pam_mount extended user control 
features, to exclude the sddm user from trying to mount the volume. We can 
explicitly exclude this user, or a whole range (all local users for example).

Hope you will find this useful !


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  pam_mount crashes SDDM because helper doesn't close session after

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