Good evening everyone,

An item we discussed at the meeting today was getting a britney2
instance running for all of our staging PPAs. Unfortunately, I could
not figure out how to fit everything in the config file, so here is
the code that I have at the moment:

It is a fork of Ubuntu's britney2 but it disables the autopkgtests, as
we don't have an OpenStack Swift setup configured (I don't know how to
configure one either, I tried). It also adds Martin Pitt's
britney-indexes-ppa script, where I fixed a bug (and I plan on doing
even more debugging).

Unfortunately, there is no support for multiple repositories in
Martin's script. I told him about this on IRC, but if I feel up to it,
I might just build support tonight or tomorrow morning.

I have also created is a crontab, with the file name "cron," that
should be deployed on in order to make the results
public. It might need more tweaking, but the config file is in plain
English and the scripts are written in Python (yay!) so it shouldn't
be that hard to fix (and eventually upstream if we make changes that
aren't specific to us ;) ). When it is deployed, the britney.conf file
needs to be tweaked so that all the files that go in output go in the
web server directory on that server. The crontab will also need to be
tweaked so that it moves files to the right directory.

Have a nice evening, and let me know if you have any questions.

Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 on freenode, OFTC

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