Release Team,

At the moment, Kubuntu has fallen behind on getting up-to-date KDE
applications in the Ubuntu archive due to the lack of developers with
permissions to upload to the archive, and we would like some help to
ensure that Kubuntu 16.10 ships with up-to-date and tested software.

If you weren't aware, KDE releases three (3) different collections of
    1. KDE Plasma
    2. KDE Frameworks
    3. KDE Applications

Currently, these are the versions of each collection in the archive:
    1. KDE Plasma 5.7.2
    2. KDE Frameworks 5.24
    3. KDE Applications 5.12.3

These are outdated packages, and we would like to update them in order
to stay current with the KDE releases. Here are the versions we would
like in the archive:
    1. KDE Plasma 5.7.5
    2. KDE Frameworks 5.26
    3. KDE Applications 16.04.3

KDE Plasma 5.7.5 is just a bugfix release, so the regression risk is
low. This should be safe to upload. Frameworks and Applications (as well
as Plasma) have been tested by our QA team for a week or more now, and
we believe they are production ready.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough developers to be able to upload
these for the Yakkety Yak release at the moment, so we would like some
help. Scarlett Clark has agreed to upload KDE Frameworks 5.26, but she
is very busy moving and with her job, so we need the rest uploaded.

We understand that this is a very unique situation, but in the future,
we plan on applying to become Kubuntu Developers (so this can be
prevented in the future). We have access to all of the Git repositories
Kubuntu uses for development, including all of the PPAs, and we
understand the risks in doing this. We will make sure to be around to
help if anything were to go wrong (very unlikely) and are able to help
with any issues that arise.

Would someone either from the community or the Release Team be able to
sponsor our uploads? And Release Team, is this acceptable, even with
Final Beta Freeze incoming very shortly?

Thank you for your time,
The Kubuntu "Ninjas"
  Simon Quigley (tsimonq2 on freenode)
  Clive Johnston (clivejo on freenode)
  Rik Mills (acheronuk on freenode)
  José Manuel Santamaría Lema (santa_ on freenode)

and Valorie Zimmerman, Kubuntu Council (valorie on freenode)

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