On 10/29/2015 04:45 PM, Jason Wang wrote:
> Hi all:
> This series tries to add basic busy polling for vhost net. The idea is
> simple: at the end of tx processing, busy polling for new tx added
> descriptor and rx receive socket for a while. The maximum number of
> time (in us) could be spent on busy polling was specified through
> module parameter.
> Test were done through:
> - 50 us as busy loop timeout
> - Netperf 2.6
> - Two machines with back to back connected mlx4
> - Guest with 8 vcpus and 1 queue
> Result shows very huge improvement on both tx (at most 158%) and rr
> (at most 53%) while rx is as much as in the past. Most cases the cpu
> utilization is also improved:

Just notice there's something wrong in the setup. So the numbers are
incorrect here. Will re-run and post correct number here.

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