I'm a student working on a monitoring application on top of KVM in which I
need to disassemble some VM instructions from the hypervisor level.
To do so (disassemble instructions), I want to use Xed library from the code
I added to KVM.
The problem is that Xed library comes with header files and a static library
file. When I compile kvm-kmod with Xed (with some changes in the Kbuild file
to include Xed).
I get the following input:

compilation OK with some warnings:

WARNING: "xed_encode_order_limit" [/home/yacine/vmi/kvm-kmod/x86/kvm-intel]
is COMMON symbol
.... // omitted
WARNING: "xed_chip_features2" [/home/yacine/vmi/kvm-kmod/x86/kvm-intel] is
COMMON symbol
WARNING: "stderr" [/home/yacine/vmi/kvm-kmod/x86/kvm-intel.ko] undefined!
WARNING: "fprintf" [/home/yacine/vmi/kvm-kmod/x86/kvm-intel.ko] undefined!
WARNING: "abort" [/home/yacine/vmi/kvm-kmod/x86/kvm-intel.ko] undefined!
WARNING: "__umoddi3" [/home/yacine/vmi/kvm-kmod/x86/kvm-intel.ko] undefined!

insmod: error inserting 'kvm-intel.ko': -1 Invalid module format

when running dmesg:

[17591.101368] kvm_intel: please compile with -fno-common
... // omitted
[17591.101527] kvm_intel: Unknown symbol __umoddi3 (err 0)
[17591.101553] kvm_intel: Unknown symbol abort (err 0)
... // omitted
[17591.101763] kvm_intel: please compile with -fno-common

If anyone has an idea how to solve this, I would be very grateful :)

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