On 06/11/15 13:43, Pavel Fedin wrote:
>  Hello!
>>>> Did you check if PAGE_HYP_DEVICE can mean something sane on a stage-2
>>>> page table entry and vice verse?
>>>  I tried to, the chain of macros and variables is complicated enough not to
>>> get 200% sure, but anyway PAGE_HYP_DEVICE (as well as PAGE_S2_DEVICE)
>>> includes PROT_PTE_DEVICE, so this is definitely device.
>>>  I even tried to construct some mask in order to make a single check for 
>>> only
>>> DEVICE flags, but, to make things even less understandable and predictable,
>>> the same code with different bitfields is reused by ARM64. So, i thought 
>>> that
>>> it will be more reliable just to add a second test.
>> The thing I want to avoid is PAGE_HYP_DEVICE covering some normal S2
>> mapping, which we *should* flush but that we now end up ignoring?  That
>> doesn't sound like it can be the case because the device bit is the same
>> bit for both types of page tables, correct?
>  Yes, this is exactly what i think. If DEVICE bit is set, then it's somehow
> device memory and it doesn't need flashing.
>  Or, in order to be 200% sure, we could modify the whole unmapping logic to 
> carry
> over a flag, telling whether we are removing normal or HYP mappings. But 
> wouldn't
> this be much more complicated?

We could do without that complexity. Also, the test itself is wrong (see
Ard's patch that was posted this morning for the real fix).


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