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On 05/09/2013 01:31, Daniel Bareiro wrote:
> Hi all!
> These days I tested OpenBSD 5.3 and pleasantly surprised me notice
> that they implemented VirtIO for block devices, network and memory 
> ballooning. It is an important step for those who contribute to
> the project.
> Now what I'm seeing is that there seems to be some sort of problem
> with the ACPI to shutdown the VM. I remember that at one time it
> was not working, then they corrected it and now seems to be new
> problems with these messages.
> I tried turning off the VM from libvirt (virsh) and also from Qemu 
> monitor booting the VM manually and in either case the result is
> the same: the VM freezes.
> # sysctl hw hw.machine=amd64 hw.model=QEMU Virtual CPU version
> 1.1.2 hw.ncpu=1 hw.byteorder=1234 hw.pagesize=4096 
> hw.disknames=cd0:,sd0:be0e0f1c0cdc4dae,fd0:,fd1: hw.diskcount=4 
> hw.cpuspeed=2009 hw.vendor=Bochs hw.product=Bochs 
> hw.uuid=501ef229-2337-165f-8da3-905b12832049 hw.physmem=535814144 
> hw.usermem=535801856 hw.ncpufound=1 hw.allowpowerdown=1
> hw.allowpowerdown set to 1 (the default) allows a power button
> shutdown.
> Someone had this problem and could solve it somehow? There any
> debug information I can provide to help solve this?

Sure, you can gather a trace on the host using trace-cmd.

trace-cmd record -e kvm qemu-system-x86_64 --enable-kvm ...

This will produce a huge trace.dat file.  You can compress it with xz
and send it my way.


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