On 10/11/2015 10:05, Takuya Yoshikawa wrote:
>> BTW, on my todo list is to change the rmap items to a struct (with a
>> single u64 inside) for type safety.  Since you are touching this code,
>> perhaps you can give it a shot?
> Yes, almost done here (assuming that you mean 'unsigned long').

Yes, thanks!

> But I have some candidates for its name in mind:
> 1. struct kvm_rmap { unsigned long val; };
> 2. struct kvm_rmap_head { unsigned long val; };
> 3. struct kvm_rmap_list_head { unsigned long val; };
> 4. struct kvm_spte_list_head { unsigned long val; };
> Since this is the head of the reverse mapping list of sptes, I thought
> name 3 might be the best and first made a patch with it, but it was
> a bit longer than I had hoped it to be.
> I have changed it to name 2, and it looks a bit nicer now, but even
> shorter, e.g. name 1, may be good as well.
> Do you have any preference?

I like kvm_rmap_head.

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