Aravinda Prasad <> writes:

>> <puts on CAPI hat>Yeah, it would be good not to break this.</hat>
> I am not familiar with CAPI. Does this affect CAPI?

When a CAPI card experiences an EEH event, any cache lines it holds are
filled with SUEs (Special UEs, interpreted by the kernel the same as
regular UEs). When these are read, we get an MCE. Currently CAPI does
not support virtualisation, but that is actively being worked
on. There's a _very_ good chance it will then be backported to various
distros, which could have old qemu.

Therefore, I'd ideally like to make sure UEs in KVM guests work properly
and continue to do so in all combinations of kernel and qemu. I'm
following up the email from Mahesh that you linked: I'm not sure I quite
follow his logic so I'll try to make sense of that and then get back to


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