On 11/18/2015 12:52 PM, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
>   Hi,
>> Thanks for testing! I didn't even thing about seabios as a testing target.
> Not surprising, support isn't upstream, ran into a bunch of issues[1][2]
> last time I tried to combine the two, ran into some issues and nobody
> seemed to care, so the seabios patches where just sitting in a branch in
> my repo ...
>> $ cat .config | grep 'KVMTOOL\|DEBUG'
> Hmm, 'CONFIG_KVMTOOL=y > .config; make olddefconfig' should give you a
> working configuration.
> Setting 'CONFIG_DEBUG_LEVEL=9' is useful for trouble-shooting as it
> makes the virtio drivers more verbose, but not mandatory to have.
> Serial line support is needed to get output:
> Also I think rom size must be 128k b/c kvmtool expects it to be that
> way:
> But those are the defaults, and after "make olddefconfig" you should
> already have them ...

It was the ROM_SIZE one as it seems, it was set to 0 here.

Anyways, I debugged it for a bit a found that seabios attempts to write to
the notification BAR, I look further tomorrow to narrow it down and fix it.


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