On 19/11/2015 07:36, Han, Huaitong wrote:
> I understand it has always been that QEMU considers the feature of
>  cpuid_7_0_ecx_feature_name as migratable. If the feature is
>  unmigratable, it will been added to unmigratable_flags.
> A series of patches do complete a full function, moving
>  cpuid_7_0_ecx_feature_name to 2/3 patch may make 2/3 patch look
> better, but make 1/3 patch look somewhat incomplete.
> Maybe it is a solution that adding the feature to unmigratable_flags in
> 1/3 patch, and deleting unmigratable_flags in 2/3 patch, but I think it
> is pointless.

Or just squash everything together.  After all we're talking of

 4 files changed, 55 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

It's not a large patch.

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