On 11/26/2015 09:47 PM, Christian Borntraeger wrote:
> On 11/26/2015 05:17 PM, Tyler Baker wrote:
>> Hi Christian,
>> The kernelci.org bot recently has been reporting kvm guest boot
>> failures[1] on various arm64 platforms in next-20151126. The bot
>> bisected[2] the failures to the commit in -next titled "KVM: Create
>> debugfs dir and stat files for each VM". I confirmed by reverting this
>> commit on top of next-20151126 it resolves the boot issue.
>> In this test case the host and guest are booted with the same kernel.
>> The host is booted over nfs, installs qemu (qemu-system arm64 2.4.0),
>> and launches a guest. The host is booting fine, but when the guest is
>> launched it errors with "Failed to retrieve host CPU features!". I
>> checked the host logs, and found an "Unable to handle kernel paging
>> request" splat[3] which occurs when the guest is attempting to start.
>> I scanned the patch in question but nothing obvious jumped out at me,
>> any thoughts?
> Not really.
> Do you have processing running that do read the files in 
> /sys/kernel/debug/kvm/* ?
> If I read the arm oops message correctly it oopsed inside 
> __srcu_read_lock. there is actually nothing in there that can oops, 
> except the access to the preempt count. I am just guessing right now,
> but maybe the preempt variable is no longer available (as the process
> is gone). As long as a debugfs file is open, we hold a reference to 
> the kvm, which holds a reference to the mm, so the mm might be killed
> after the process. But this is supposed to work, so maybe its something
> different. An objdump of __srcu_read_lock might help.

Hmm, the preempt thing is done in srcu_read_lock, but the crash is in
__srcu_read_lock. This function gets the srcu struct from mmu_notifier.c,
which must be present and is initialized during boot.

int __srcu_read_lock(struct srcu_struct *sp)
        int idx;
        idx = READ_ONCE(sp->completed) & 0x1;
        smp_mb(); /* B */  /* Avoid leaking the critical section. */
        return idx;

Looking at the code I have no clue why the patch does make a difference.
Can you try to get an objdump -S for__Srcu_read_lock?

> I will drop it from my tree until we understand the problem
> Christian

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