> >  Thank you for the note, i didn't know about irqchip-specific capability 
> > codes. There's the
> > same issue with PowerPC, now i
> > understand why there's no KVM_CAP_IRQCHIP for them. Because they have 
> > KVM_CAP_IRQ_XICS, similar to S390.
> >  But isn't it just weird? I understand that perhaps we have some real need 
> > to distinguish
> > between different irqchip types, but
> > shouldn't the kernel also publish KVM_CAP_IRQCHIP, which stands just for 
> > "we support some
> > irqchip virtualization"?
> >  May be we should just add this for PowerPC and S390, to make things less 
> > ambiguous?
> Note that we explicitly need to _enable_ the s390 cap (for
> compatibility). I'd need to recall the exact details but I came to the
> conclusion back than that I could not simply enable KVM_CAP_IRQCHIP for
> s390 (and current qemu would fail to enable the s390 cap if we started
> advertising KVM_CAP_IRQCHIP now).

 OMG... I've looked at the code, what a mess...
 If i was implementing this, i'd simply introduce kvm_vm_enable_cap(s, 
which would be allowed to fail with -ENOSYS, so that backwards compatibility is 
kept and an existing API is reused... But, well,
it's already impossible to unscramble an egg... :)
 Ok, i think in current situation we could choose one of these ways (both are 
based on the fact that it's obvious that irqfd require
 a) I look for an alternate way to report KVM_CAP_IRQFD dynamically, and maybe 
PowerPC and S390 follow this way.
 b) I simply drop it as it is, because current qemu knows about the dependency 
and does not try to use irqfd without irqchip,
because there's simply no use for them. But, well, perhaps there would be an 
exception in vhost, i don't remember testing it.
 So what shall we do?

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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