> >> I think your analysis is correct, but does that not apply to both 
> >> instances?
> >
> >  No no, another one is correct, since it operates on real PFN (at least 
> > looks like so). I
> have verified my fix against the original problem (crash on Exynos5410 
> without generic timer),
> and it still works fine there.
> >
> I don't think so. Regardless of whether you are manipulating HYP
> mappings or stage-2 mappings, the physical address is always the
> output, not the input of the translation, so addr is always either a
> virtual address or a intermediate physical address, whereas
> pfn_valid() operates on host physical addresses.

 Yes, you are right. I have reviewed this more carefully, and indeed, 
unmap_range() is also called by unmap_stage2_range(), so it can be both IPA and 
real PA.

> OK. I will follow up with a patch, as Christoffer requested. I'd
> appreciate it if you could test to see if it also fixes the current
> issue, and the original arch timer issue.

 I have just made the same patch, and currently testing it on all my boards. 
Also i'll test it on my ARM64 too, just in case. I was about to finish the 
testing and send the patch in maybe one or two hours.

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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