On 09/12/15 04:28, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 04, 2015 at 10:03:48AM +0100, Thomas Huth wrote:
>> Only using 32 memslots for KVM on powerpc is way too low, you can
>> nowadays hit this limit quite fast by adding a couple of PCI devices
>> and/or pluggable memory DIMMs to the guest.
>> x86 already increased the limit to 512 in total, to satisfy 256
>> pluggable DIMM slots, 3 private slots and 253 slots for other things
>> like PCI devices. On powerpc, we only have 32 pluggable DIMMs in
> I agree with increasing the limit.  Is there a reason we have only 32
> pluggable DIMMs in QEMU on powerpc, not more?  Should we be increasing
> that limit too?  If so, maybe we should increase the number of memory
> slots to 512?

Hmmmm ... the comment before the #define in QEMU reads:

 * This defines the maximum number of DIMM slots we can have for sPAPR
 * guest. This is not defined by sPAPR but we are defining it to 32 slots
 * based on default number of slots provided by PowerPC kernel.
#define SPAPR_MAX_RAM_SLOTS     32

So as far as I can see, there's indeed a possibility that we'll
increase this value once the kernel can handle more slots!

So I guess you're right and we should play save and use more slots
right from the start. I'll send a new patch with 512 instead.

>> QEMU, not 256, so we likely do not as much slots as on x86. Thus
> "so we likely do not need as many slots as on x86" would be better
> English.

Oops, I'm sure that was my original intention ... anyway, thanks for
pointing it out, it's always good to get some feedback as a non-native
English speaker.


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