On 07/12/2015 21:36, David Matlack wrote:
> set_exception_return forces exceptions handlers to return to a specific
> address instead of returning to the instruction address pushed by the
> CPU at the time of the exception. The unit tests apic.c and vmx.c use
> this functionality to recover from expected exceptions.
> When using set_exception_return we have to be careful not to modify the
> stack (such as by doing a function call) as triggering the exception will
> likely jump us past the instructions which undo the stack manipulation
> (such as a ret). To accomplish this, declare all functions called after
> set_exception_return as __always_inline, so that the compiler always
> inlines them.

set_exception_return is generally not a great idea IMHO---thanks for
looking at it.

A couple years ago we discussed adding setjmp/longjmp to libcflat
(http://www.spinics.net/lists/kvm/msg94159.html which is however missing
a 32-bit version).  Making the exceptions do a longjmp would be a much
safer option.

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