On 12/15/2015 03:52 PM, Kai Huang wrote:

  static bool __mmu_gfn_lpage_is_disallowed(gfn_t gfn, int level,
@@ -2140,12 +2150,18 @@ static struct kvm_mmu_page *kvm_mmu_get_page(struct 
kvm_vcpu *vcpu,
      if (!direct) {
-        if (rmap_write_protect(vcpu, gfn))
+        /*
+         * we should do write protection before syncing pages
+         * otherwise the content of the synced shadow page may
+         * be inconsistent with guest page table.
+         */
+        account_shadowed(vcpu->kvm, sp);
+        if (level == PT_PAGE_TABLE_LEVEL &&
+              rmap_write_protect(vcpu, gfn))
I think your modification is good but I am little bit confused here. In 
account_shadowed, if
sp->role.level > PT_PAGE_TABLE_LEVEL, the sp->gfn is write protected, and this 
is reasonable. So why
write protecting the gfn of PT_PAGE_TABLE_LEVEL here?

Because the shadow page will become 'sync' that means the shadow page will be 
with the page table in guest. So the shadow page need to be write-protected to 
the guest page table is changed when we do the 'sync' thing.

The shadow page need to be write-protected to avoid that guest page table is 
when we are syncing the shadow page table. See kvm_sync_pages() after doing

   * remove the guest page from the tracking pool which stops the interception
   * of corresponding access on that page. It is the opposed operation of
@@ -134,20 +160,12 @@ void kvm_page_track_remove_page(struct kvm *kvm, gfn_t 
      struct kvm_memory_slot *slot;
      int i;
-    WARN_ON(!check_mode(mode));
      for (i = 0; i < KVM_ADDRESS_SPACE_NUM; i++) {
          slots = __kvm_memslots(kvm, i);
          slot = __gfn_to_memslot(slots, gfn);
-        update_gfn_track(slot, gfn, mode, -1);
-        /*
-         * allow large page mapping for the tracked page
-         * after the tracker is gone.
-         */
-        kvm_mmu_gfn_allow_lpage(slot, gfn);
+        kvm_slot_page_track_remove_page_nolock(kvm, slot, gfn, mode);
Looks you need to merge this part with patch 1, as you are modifying
kvm_page_track_{add,remove}_page here, which are introduced in your patch 1.

Indeed, it is better.

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