On 8 December 2015 at 18:32, Alex Bennée <alex.ben...@linaro.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is the latest patch set to support debugging of KVM guests on
> arm64. The main changes are fixing arm32 compiles (mostly with stubs
> for the upcomming arm32 debug) and the usual bunch of minor tweaks and
> clarifications following review.
> I've kept the GDB Python based test in tests/guest-debug and cleaned
> it up so it will work with python2/3 linked GDBs. It still isn't
> plumbed it in to the "make check" so can be dropped until we have a
> solution for testing against non-host binaries.
> So in summary the changes are:
>   - Fixed arm32 compile
>   - Use results of debug capability checks
>   - Whitespace and comment cleanups
>   - Py2/3 cleanliness for test script
> More detailed changelogs are attached to each patch.

Thanks, applied to target-arm.next. (I fixed a few typos
in comments and commit messages in a couple of places).

-- PMM
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