On Tue, Dec 22, 2015 at 03:51:52PM +0300, Pavel Fedin wrote:
>  Hello!
> > > 1. Is there any real need to distinguish between KVM_EXIT_MSR_WRITE and
> > KVM_EXIT_MSR_AFTER_WRITE ? IMHO from userland's point of view these are the 
> > same.
> > 
> > Indeed.  Perhaps the kernel can set .handled to true to let userspace
> > know it already took care of it, instead of introducing yet another
> > exit_reason.  The field would need to be marked in/out, then.
>  I'm not sure that you need even this. Anyway, particular MSRs are 
> function-specific, and if you're emulating an MSR in userspace,
> then, i believe, you know the function behind it. And it's IMHO safe to just 
> know that SynIC MSRs have some extra handling in
> kernel. And i believe this has no direct impact on userland's behavior.

It has: unlike the scenario that was the original motivation for Peter's
patches, where the the userspace wanted to handle register accesses
which the kernel *didn't*, in case of SynIC the userspace wants do
something about MSR accesses *only* if the kernel *also* handles them.

I guess that was the reason why Paolo suggested an extra exit_reason,
and I think .handled field can be used to pass that information instead.

You're probably right that, at least in SynIC case, it should be safe to
assume that, if all the SynIC setup succeeded, the corresponding MSR
accesses would only trigger exits when the kernel processed them

But the proposed use of .handled costs basically nothing, and it may
prove useful in general (as a conisistency proof, if anything).

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