On 16/09/2016 15:46, Andrew Jones wrote:
> > But I haven't even looked at the patches in detail, I was just replying
> > to the comment about testing.
> This may be a great time to start encouraging feature writers to submit
> kvm-unit-tests patches at the same time as the feature (Hi Alex :-) I'm
> happy to help when a test isn't easy to write due to a lack of framework,
> but don't have nearly enough bandwidth to write all the tests myself.

In this case really a kernel smoke test can just work.  But yes,
architectural timer tests would be nice too.

> As for additional motivation for this series, I'll point out that it's
> good for bug isolation. When a guest fails to boot over KVM I can try
> TCG. If that works, then I've likely narrowed it to KVM. If I can
> further try kernel_irqchip=no, then I may further narrow it down to
> the vgic implementation.

(Or vice versa to the userspace GIC if you're looking at a TCG bug).

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