Hi Mike,

On 10/04/18 09:23, Mike Bazov wrote:
> I'm trying to compile the KVM/ARM as a separate kernel module, just like
> the x86 modules. When i compile the x86 modules, i get the "kvm.ko" and
> "kvm-intel.ko" as an output. Is there any way of compiling the KVM/ARM as
> modules as well?

Not today. KVM has to map its code to run in a different CPU mode, the code that
does this assumes its physically contiguous and part of the kernel text.

> There is also no option for specifying "M" (modular) in the menuconfig when
> choosing the virtualization and KVM option, like in x86.

No, because its not supported. On arm/arm64 KVM is either built as part of the
kernel, or not.

Why do you need KVM as a loadable module?



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