On 16/04/18 11:05, Shannon Zhao wrote:
> On 2018/4/11 9:30, Shannon Zhao wrote:
>> On 2018/4/10 23:37, Marc Zyngier wrote:


>>>> I don't mind either way. If you can be bothered to write a proper commit
>>>> log for this, I'll take it. What I'd really want is Shannon to indicate
>>>> whether or not this solves the issue he was seeing.
>> I'll test Marc's patch. This will take about 3 days since it's not 100%
>> reproducible.
> Hi Marc,
> I've run the test for about 4 days. The issue doesn't appear.
> So Tested-by: Shannon Zhao <zhaoshengl...@huawei.com>

Thanks Shannon, much appreciated. I'll send the fix upstream towards the
end of the week.


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