hi everyone:
  currently, I meet a problem about qemu.Use virt-install order to create a 
domain, return a failed:
  order: virt-install -n centos-gg -r 1024 --disk 
centos-gg.img,format=qcow2,size=10 --cdrom 
/home/Centos-7-aarch64-Everything.iso --graphics vnc, listen=
    failed: this QEMU does not support 'cirrus' video device
   This issue only happen in arm,and it's ok in x86. I get some message in the 
internet that VGA is a (more or less) x86-specific standard, not available on 
ARM. Right?
tool: qemu-2.12.0 libvirt-3.2.0


Have a good day

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