Discard is supposed to fail if the collection is not mapped to any
target redistributor. We currently check if the collection is mapped
by "ite->collection" but this is incomplete (e.g., mapping a LPI to
an unmapped collection also results in a non NULL ite->collection).
What actually needs to be checked is its_is_collection_mapped(), let's
turn to it.

Also take this chance to remove an extra blank line.

Reviewed-by: Eric Auger <eric.au...@redhat.com>
Signed-off-by: Zenghui Yu <yuzeng...@huawei.com>

 - Rewrite the commit message with Eric's suggestion,
   the original one is not so good...
 - Add Eric's R-b

 virt/kvm/arm/vgic/vgic-its.c | 3 +--
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/virt/kvm/arm/vgic/vgic-its.c b/virt/kvm/arm/vgic/vgic-its.c
index 17920d1b350a..d53d34a33e35 100644
--- a/virt/kvm/arm/vgic/vgic-its.c
+++ b/virt/kvm/arm/vgic/vgic-its.c
@@ -839,9 +839,8 @@ static int vgic_its_cmd_handle_discard(struct kvm *kvm, 
struct vgic_its *its,
        u32 event_id = its_cmd_get_id(its_cmd);
        struct its_ite *ite;
        ite = find_ite(its, device_id, event_id);
-       if (ite && ite->collection) {
+       if (ite && its_is_collection_mapped(ite->collection)) {
                 * Though the spec talks about removing the pending state, we
                 * don't bother here since we clear the ITTE anyway and the

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