Hi Reza,

> I am planning to study transport through the double-stranded DNA molecule.
> I was wondering if thisgeometry has been already implemented in kwant.

As far as I am aware no one has implemented a model for DNA in Kwant so far
(at least, no one has posted about it on the mailing list!).

This is probably not the sort of thing that we would implement directly
in Kwant, as I would
imagine that the specifics of the model (what behavior you neglect,
which approximations
are made etc.) would be tightly coupled to a particular problem, and we
want to keep Kwant
as general as possible.

That said, if you do go about implementing this, be sure to post about
it to the mailing list;
we are eager to see the varied applications of Kwant outside of our
immediate field of

Happy Kwanting,


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