Dear Kwant users,

The Kwant team in Grenoble has recently hosted a masters student, Paul
who has taken the initiative and written a Kwant "FAQ" that is meant to
complement the existing Kwant tutorial and documentation.

The aim of this document is to be very explicit in explaining common
and misunderstandings that people new (and not so new!) to Kwant make.
As Paul
was new to Kwant at the start of his internship, he was in a good
position to
identify what was not clear and what could be explained in more detail.

You can see a preliminary version of the FAQ on a test deployment of the
website [1]. At this stage we are eager to collect feedback to see what
be improved. You can either reply by email in this thread, or join the
discussion on the open merge request on the Kwant gitlab [2].

Happy Kwanting,

Kwant team


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