Dear Patrik,

> When I replace the 'if continuous' section with the following section
> it will complain.
>     if continuous:
>         def lead_shape(site):
>             (x, y, z) = site.pos
>             return (x == -0.7 and y == 0.0 and z <= -a)
>         t00=0.0
>         Leadham
> ="t00*sigma_0*k_x**2+t00*sigma_0*k_y**2-t0*sigma_0*k_z**2+(2*t0+e1)*sigma_0"
>         template = kwant.continuum.discretize(Leadham, grid_spacing=a)
>         dn_lead.fill(template, lead_shape, lat1(0, 0, -1))
>         syst.attach_lead(dn_lead)

The error message I got when running the code was:

> ValueError: Lead to be attached contains no sites.

This error seems perfectly clear to me; you have defined your
"lead_shape" function incorrectly, such that no sites are added to your
"dn_lead" system.

Happy Kwanting,


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