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> Thanks. But except the PBC imposed on transverse direction, I need
> attach the lead on longitude direction. So I want the transverse size
> of sample to be finite.

Ah I see. In this case your could consider using 'kwant.wraparound' [1].
In your case you would want to set the 'keep' paramter to '0' to keep
the 0th translational symmetry in the wrapped around system. Using
wraparound in this way will produce a Builder with a single
(longitudinal) translational symmetry that you may use as a lead. The
produced Builder will have an (additional) parameter 'k_y'; the
transverse momentum. Don't be confused by the name; it will also work
when the "wrapped" symmetry vector was not in the "y" direction!

There were already several people on the mailing list who used
wraparound, so you could also search the archives. If it's still not
clear after this post back to this thread.

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