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I am looking to plot the wavefunction (both magnitude and phase on separate
The kwant.plotter.map method doesn't give a very appealing look as it plots
only in large sized triangles. The kwant.plotter.plot method seems better
but I get stuck in one part. There is a piece of code that reads:

def family_shape(i):
        site = sys.site(i)
        return ('p', 3, 180) if site.family == a else ('p', 3, 0)

However, it gives the following error:

AttributeError: 'FiniteSystem' object has no attribute 'site'

This snippet was taken from online kwant tutorials itself. I am unable to
get to the bottom of this error message because the tutorial uses the exact
same code. Is there an update to some library of kwant that solves this? Or
is there any other way to get better plots for wavefunctions on a system
without using the sys.site(i) command?
I would like the wave functions to look smooth and continuous.

Any help would be appreciated.

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