On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 12:57 AM, Santiago Bosio

> Hello,
> I was wondering how could I get commit rights on l10n git tree to
> maintain the spanish translation.
> One of our biggest problems with OOo l10n workflow was the fact that
> we couldn't commit changes / improvements directly to the SDF under
> l10n, but only modify Pootle or send an SDF for integration on l10n
> CWS that were scarce.

I'm not sure what would be our best practice here (po files or sdf), but you
can send link to patches to this list and get them committed.

I think that for now all patches were committed in 24 hours, while most of
them actually in an hour or so.

Just please make sure you diff is clean and doesn't change anything it


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