On 10/02/2018 Ahmad Alawsie wrote:
They have asked me to find out who the Pootle OpenOffice service manager is 
(the person who manages Pootle for OpenOffice)

Pootle works like all other services at the Apache Software Foundation. I will give you all details here (as opposed to continuing the other discussion) so that you have a complete picture, since I assume Pootle is the first ASF (Apache Software Foundation) infrastructure you use.

- The software itself is developed by the Pootle developers (the Github issue queue you posted to, and the Gitter support channels); we are just users.

- The installation is done and maintained by the Infrastructure Team of the Apache Software Foundation; they keep the software updated; when there are security reasons they update quickly, when there are not security reasons updates are less frequent. The Infrastructure Team is capable of managing the installation and does not need external help. Still, the team is very busy and it is normal that low-priority issues are kept in queue. Also, the answer you get from the Pootle developers is along the lines of "we did a lot of fixes recently" and not really to the point.

- Then there are the people like me and you; we are just users of the service. I do have administrative access to the installation, but still I cannot do a system upgrade.

In the end, this now depends on Infra. We are running version from 2015, as you can read at https://translate.apache.org/about/ - and as you can see at https://github.com/translate/pootle/releases?after=2.7.1 upgrading is a lot of work, since you have to go to 2.6.0 first and then upgrade again to 2.8.2. I've opened https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-16020 as a low-priority task for Infra, but I'm not sure when they will have time for it.

the latest version of Pootle have fixed the bugs, but OpenOffice are using 
outdated version.

It's not only OpenOffice. OpenOffice is one of the 100+ projects managed by the Apache Software Foundation. The Pootle installation is shared by all projects, so upgrading it needs a lot of coordination.


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