The Apache Software Foundation, of which Apache OpenOffice is a part, is an US 501(c)(3) charitable organization  with strict rules about not paying for development work.
Note that the ASF does not pay for software development on any Apache projects; we rely on volunteers for all of our project work."[1] Given this the answer to your question is no. However if you are still interested in helping on a volunteer basis the OpenOffice community welcomes you with open arms. Pease send all communication on translation matters to:



On 6/13/2018 7:57 AM, Roy Hellman wrote:
But I look forward to earn money little bit?
Regards Roy Hellman
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Aihe: Re: VL: wanted
On 6/11/2018 3:44 AM, Roy Hellman wrote:
Yes im voluenteer to translate to finnish.
Regards Roy Hellman
Lähettäjä: Roy Hellman <>
Lähetetty: lauantai 9. kesäkuuta 2018 9.29.38
Vastaanottaja: Roy Hellman
Aihe: wanted

We need your help to complete translation into Finnish!

This note is in English because we have no one to translate this webpage and others into your language. The links on the page will help you download and install Apache OpenOffice with Finnish translation. But we still need help with this website.

If you are interested in helping translate, please click this text to review the information. You can send a note to our mailing list "" if you want to volunteer or if you have questions.

There is a procedure laid on on this page. If you are comfortable with it I will work with you doing the parts that need a committer and answering questions. I suggest that you subscribe to the mailing list to facilitate communication. I look forward to working with you.


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