Hi all,

In my setup with OpenDayLight Carbon distribution and mininet, when a new
host pings a known hosts, a new mac-mac rule is seen to be installed in
switches and also in Operational tree.

*But, these MAC-MAC flow rules are not present in CONFIG datastore*I am
following the guide in:

In which it is mentioned that:

   - All *configured* flows (by FlowWriterService) can be viewed at


That link shows nothing but an error about missing data model.

Is something inconsistent with the way these rules were installed? Are
these rules directly installed in Openrational Tree? Is that even possible
to install configuration directly in the operational tree (which is meant
to show the active state of the network by pulling rules directly from the

I would appreciate if someone can explain how FlowWriterService installs
the rules directly in Operational Tree?

Thank you so much in advance.

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