When I read your reply, I almost wet myself. I added the printf statements to 
the source, as you said, however when the client on a different subnet 
connects it would appear that it continues past that select() statement (ie, 
select ok is seen). Therefore the cause cant be this =|

Also, Jacco, rightsubnet=vhost:%no,%priv seems to break IPSec (says no 
authorized connection). That's OK, this one I can work out myself :-)

I'm going to try to add another nic to the PC. I'll let you know what 
happens :)


On Thursday 01 July 2004 22:26, Yannick Lecaillez wrote:
> In precision of my previous post : this
> is what i added to the network.c for see
> the problem :
> (l2tpd: network.c / around line 327)
> printf("select\n");
> select (max + 1, &readfds, NULL, NULL, NULL);
> printf("select ok\n");
> Sure, it's really simple ... But permit to
> discover the problem : "select" is displayed but "select ok"
> not ...
> Moreover, when i send UDP packet on the public interface (not throught
> IPSEC) l2tpd receive these without problem.
> For finish, i think it's not a routing porblem since the IP Sec SA
> was established (but i'm not an IP Sec specialist :)).
> Again, hope this can help ...

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